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Episode 7 - Creating Momentum For Success
Mar 4th, 2016 by RuggedFitness at 2:29 pm

In order to become what you want to be, you have to embrace the process of change. In his book "Intentional Living", author and motivational speaker John Maxwell discusses that when starting your journey of change you should "Dream big, but start small".  This is a very important concept in the world of health and fitness because all too often people jump into programs that are a dramatic change from their normal life.  This can create a lot of stress and friction resulting in the type of failures that cause them to lose faith in their ability to change.

In this episode Coach Brian talks about the idea of building up Momentum when making healthy lifestyle changes.  The simple process of setting small manageable goals upon which you can generate positive momentum could ultimately be the difference between success and failure. 


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